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Charmed Reed Diffuser

Charmed Reed Diffuser

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A field of apple orchard enhanced with nature’s medley of oak and myrrh, this refreshing fragrance will take you on a trip to a farmer’s market surrounded by nature’s bounty.

Scent your space with our natural reed diffuser, finished off with fragrance oils designed to promote positive feelings and a sense of peace.

Scent Family:

Fruity and Woody

Warning: This amazing blend can be relaxing and calming and may also reduce stress.

Key Notes:

T: Apple Leaf, Juniper, Pear Flower
H: Apple Orchard Wood, Cedarwood, Geranium
B: Oud, Oak Wood, Myrrh

Product Details

Net Contents: 2.3 fl oz. / 70 ml

Life: 2-3 months (depending on room conditions)

Reed Length: Approx. 7 inches

How to use

Remove the stopper with a gentle, twisting motion and place the reeds into the bottle. Use more reeds for stronger scent diffusion and less reeds for subtler diffusion. Flip the reeds weekly. Do not place the bottle on any surface that may be damaged by perfume oils. Neither the seller nor the manufacturer is responsible for misuse of diffuser.

Do not ingest. Do not get on skin or clothing. Keep out of reach of children & pets. Do not place bottle, reeds, or cap directly on fabric or finished surface as it may cause damage. Evaporation will vary due to different air conditions. Corks may swell over time, and excessive force may result in glass breakage. Please use caution when removing or replacing the stopper. 

Made with Love

All natural. Allergen free. Vegan. Cruelty free. Toxin free. Carcinogen free. Phtalate free. Gluten free. Sustainably made.

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