Skyeluna is Self Love

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REGIE, founder + COO

“When the world says give up, hope whispers, slap yourself and try again.”

From being in the Army for 7 years and transitioning to a stay at home, it was definitley taking care of  everybody else before myself. For a decade, it was others before me. One day, I thought to myself, It's time for me, myself, and I. But I wanted to make sure that others who were thinking or feeling the same way about their lives, could also be part of this journey. And so we established a small business for self care and self love essentials.

Being a stay at home mom, home care is definitely a big part of how I self care. We added collections for home fragrance and eco cleaning. And we plan on launching more unique products for you and your home in the futrure.

Make SKYELUNA your selfish friend that will remind you to love yourself better... and here in SKYELUNA, "It's not selfish. It's selfcare/selflove." We all deserve it...

Skye, co-founder + CEO

My sky and heaven's gift. Skye is currently 4 years old right now. He is the reason starting a home business was the only plan. Being a winter baby, he doesn't have school until next year, so in order to spend quality time and not have to pay for child care (because we all know how expensive that is and P.S, the hubby is in the military so there goes flexibility in schedule.) The only way was to delve into a small business in February 2021.

He's a solar system lover so it is important for us to that we only use products that are safe for our self love fam and for the planet. He reminded me how beautiful this planet is and how we should care for it in our own little way.

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Our logo

...is an ellipsis.

the first circle represents the sun...the bright tomorrow.

the second circle represents the clouds...you can believe what you're seeing. It can be anything you want it to be.

the moon and the heart represents self love.

and the star represents our dreams...

Our logo represents the yet to comes... the bigger, better things that you deserve. It symbolizes that there is more, there is future, and that no matter what kind of struggles you face, there is a tomorrow that can be changed...that will change...

dream. believe. move forward... and most importantly

"Love yourself better than yesterday..."

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